21.April 2012  - Jury award at ISTROBOT 2012 - English (will be soon)

11.May 2011   - I-SWEEEP 2011 (Houston, Texas) ended without awards. I tried, but....

06.May 2011   - Video from opening ceremony I-SWEEEP, USA. Fantastic show!!!

05.May 2011   - It's here! I-SWEEEP 2011

03.May 2011  - Thank You sponsors Siemens, Q-Products, STMicroelectronics, Austriamicrosystems, SOS Electronic, Printed CZ.

01.May 2011  - Video. Demo firmware - for presentation in USA

28.April 2011  - Second place in secondary school professional activity of Slovakia

25.April 2011  - First run of motor with custom electronic. RedBull drink is worth! :-)

25.Mar.2011   - 1. place in the regional round of College Professional Activities (SOČ)

17.Mar.2011   - Video from the upcoming simulator software of hub motor. YouTube Video

16.Mar.2011   - New photo in Photogallery

16.Mar.2011   - Thanks for laser cutting. See Photogallery

15.Mar.2011   - Graduation day.

15.Mar.2011   - Update page Sponsors. Thank you for your support! Sponsors

07.Feb.2011   - New update of Photogallery

03.Feb.2011   - New Photogallery

28.Jan.2011   - Registration at isweeep USA

18.Jan.2011   - Print version, or short description of project in PDF - click here.

17.Jan.2011   - Support our logo, or a link to your website. More on contact page

11.Jan.2011   - Consultation with a producer Q-Products

10.Jan.2011   - is created

09.Jan.2011   - Finish of 3D data for fabrication

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